Social Events


Outdoor amphitheatre infrastructure of the campus.

Welcome Party is indeed one of the most important parts of the conference such as ICPS, as it defines expectations for the whole event. The Culinary Academy of Georgia (CAG) has offered to serve delicious Georgian food right from the beginning of the opening ceremony. The quite exquisite amphitheatre infrastructure of the university allows for such overlap (Free University Tbilisi (FUT) hosts an early reunion for the alumni with an approximate amount of 700-800 students). You can take a seat in the huge outdoor space of the university, while we welcome you to our event.

At the end of Monday we are planning to organize Game Night. For this, we have contacted two board game clubs for help. You should expect a whole variety of intellectual games and exciting prizes for each one of them.

Night life in Tbilisi is very active. On Tuesday we will go for a much craved pub crawl. Those who would instead taste some of our finest wines, will definitely be able to do so too! We plan to book bars and restaurants in advance so that we are certain our participants have an amazing time. Splendid atmosphere and good local music is guaranteed.

Wednesday will offer Free Night (let’s face it, AGM will still be going on...). Since our planned social activities barely scratch the surface of what one could do in the capital, we would like to inform the guests about different kinds of available activities in Tbilisi, such as: exploring several hiking trails, lakes in the mountainous city of Tbilisi, walking in the Old Tbilisi cobalt streets full of old buildings with unique architecture, relaxing in hot springs spots, shopping in huge malls or in small local bazaars, enjoying the wonderful scenarios from Mtatsimnda park, raving in famous Bassiani night club till the morning and many more. It’s worth mentioning the crowded places like Fabrika, Wine Factory N1, Stamba that once were soviet factory buildings and later have been repurposed into bars, cafés, and cultural hubs for young people. During the conference, we plan on providing the participants with a huge list of amazing locations for them to visit during their free evening(s).


Nations Evening, ICPS 2019.

On Thursday we will host the Nations Evening. The Culinary Academy of Georgia has agreed on letting our participants use one of their huge kitchens. The kitchen includes 8 different stations with their own table, sink, stove, and oven. The evening itself will be held outdoors in the backyard. The CAG has proposed to rent tents so that every NC has their own cultural space.

FUT has an amazing auditorium magnum, which quite often serves as theatre. If you have hidden talents (except for being an exceptional physicist, of course...), be sure to sign up, get on stage, and knock people out of their socks! (Oh, yeah... we will also have prizes for that.)

Similarly to the welcome event, CAG has offered to host the closing ceremony in parallel with a farewell party, where they will serve professionally prepared BBQ along with a wide variety of delicious food, different treats, and drinks.


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Ethnographic Museum & Hiking

Experience the best of Tbilisi with a hike around scenic Turtle Lake followed by a visit to the Ethnographic Museum. Explore nature's beauty on the trails surrounding the lake, then delve into Georgian culture at the museum. Located nearby, this day trip offers a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and cultural immersion in the heart of Tbilisi. 1

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Dmanisi archaeological site

Dmanisi archaeological site in Georgia, only 85 kilometers from Tbilisi, holds Homo erectus fossils and stone tools dating back 1.8 million years. This UNESCO-listed site redefines human history, offering insights into early migration and prehistoric life in Eurasia. Dmanisi invites visitors to contemplate the profound questions of our origins amidst its captivating scenery and rich archaeological discoveries. 2

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The Holy Trinity Church of Gergeti, nestled on the slopes of Mount Kazbek in Georgia, offers both spiritual solace and stunning panoramic views. Dating back to the 14th century, this picturesque Orthodox church stands majestically at 2,170 meters above sea level, inviting visitors on a journey through history and breathtaking natural beauty. Accessible by a scenic hike or a four-wheel-drive adventure, the church captivates with its remote charm and awe-inspiring surroundings, making it a must-visit destination for travelers. 3

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Botanical Garden & Bouldering

Discover the National Botanical Garden of Georgia in Tbilisi, a lush oasis of history and natural beauty. Explore diverse flora, enchanting waterfalls, and serene landscapes. Adventure awaits with bouldering on natural rocks, offering a unique blend of relaxation and thrill. A perfect excursion for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike! 4

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Mtskheta & Nuclear Reactor

Mtskheta municipality is distinguished by its abundance of cultural monuments and diversity of nature. In the region are located Tsodoreti and Mukhatgverdi Lakes. You can plan interesting routes on the Saguramo Reserve and Mtskheta ridges, where you will enjoy beautiful forests and views. This excursion will also include a visit to a no longer functioning nuclear reactor. 5

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Sighnaghi & Wine Tasting

Sighnaghi is a municipality located in the Kakheti region. It is determined by archeological excavations that this area played an important role since the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Ages. The territory of Sighnaghi district was formerly known as Kambechovani, and later it was called Kiziki. After Georgia adopting Christianity, this side acquired great importance. This trip will also include complementary wine tasting. 6

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Uplistsikhe & Wine Tasting

Uplistsikhe - a rock-hewn town, one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus and a city center. It is located in Shida Kartli Region, 10 km east of the city of Gori, on the left bank of the river Mtkvari. Nowadays, it is a historical-architectural museum-reserve of Uplistsikhe. There are streets, squares, a sewer system, four gates, a secret tunnel that leads to the river Mtkvari, a fence, and so on. Nowadays, it is considered to be an open-air museum. This trip will also include complementary wine tasting. 7

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Tsinandali & Wine Tasting

Prince Alexander Chavchavadze, the founder of Georgian romanticism, turned the estate in the village of Tsinandali, which he inherited from his father into the cultural and intellectual center of the country, the status it preserves to this day. The place regularly hosts exhibitions, concerts, literary events and master classes. This trip will also include complementary wine tasting. 8

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Lagodekhi Waterfalls

Lagodekhi Protected Areas - one of the world’s best-preserved, primitive area with a diversity of natural landscapes – is located in Lagodekhi, in the extreme north-eastern part of the southern slopes of the Caucasus and extends at an altitude of 590-3500 m. 9

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Rafting in Borjomi

Are you a fan of extreme, active life and adventures? Aren’t you afraid of difficulties? Are you looking for new, strong emotions and maximum extremes? - Then visit us and get a sea of ​​emotions and unforgettable impressions. "Extreme Rafting in Georgia" offers rafting on the river Mtkvari in the Borjomi gorge. Beautiful nature, full adrenaline, healthy entertainment and fun with friends - all this will create one of the happiest and most diverse days of your life. 10

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Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory

Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory, the first alpine astrophysical observatory, was founded in 1932 on the territory of the former Soviet Union. It is located on Mount Khanobili, around 240 km from Tbilisi, and 30 km in the north-west from Akhaltsikhe, at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. 11

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Tsalka Canyon

Immerse yourself in unforgettable moments, experience a profound sense of inspiration, surrounded by the splendor of nature and unparalleled sensations. Welcome to Tsalka Canyon, where a breathtaking 240-meter panoramic glass bridge awaits, offering unrivaled views of unspoiled landscapes. 12