Which Georgia do we mean?

Interestingly, there are two Georgias (or... Georgiae?) in the world. One of them is the US state and the other - a republic. To clear any ambiguity and confusion, we start by mentioning that we are talking about the latter.

Georgia is a beautiful country in the Caucasus region, with a population of about 4 million (well, 3.98, but we’re working on it.) people, countless mountains, rivers, caves, forests, lakes, the sea, you name it.

Being right between Europe and Asia, Georgia has always been a bridge between the two and an amiable host to people of many different cultures. It is filled with beautiful places which can be a significant aspect of social events during the conference. In our little world it is completely viable to enjoy the chilly mountains and visit the beach on the same day, since the mountains are close to the shore (most visitors are usually amazed by that). Those of you who love exploring nature and enjoy hiking will definitely find Georgia remarkable.


The map of the world showing which Georgia we are talking about.


Katskhi Pillar near Chiatura, Georgia. 1

Georgia is blessed with ancient traditions, rich history, cultural heritage and fascinating sights such as Katskhi Pillar, Gelati Cathedral and many more. Our history proudly states that we had a female King in the 13th century. And we could not bear to leave it just in the past which is why we currently have a female President too. Georgia is actively trying to improve the present and focus on the future now. The only way to fully cherish the gifts of the future is through the development of science. This is why Georgia has been on the front line to encourage scientific success in the Caucasus. New universities and research centers open up every year. We believe, that conducting the ICPS 2024 in Tbilisi will not only be a great opportunity for the students to gain valuable experience, but will also help our whole country along the way to the future.

Why Tbilisi?

Tbilisi, the capital and the largest in Georgia is a city of big shoulders indeed. It is a city where all the railroads of cultural variety of Georgia with all of its flavors are connected. A historic city, dating around V century A.D., is a perfect place to begin a Georgian adventure. Tbilisi is a beautiful mix of old and modern architecture. Historical sites such as castles, cathedrals, museums, and galleries make tours of Tbilisi an essential part of discovering our culture. While, on one hand, laden with historical and cultural places, the city does not fail to exceed in quality of nightlife entertainment, offering night clubs, bars, and restaurants, along with almost every type of live music performances on a daily basis.

Citywide public transportation ensures easy access from one point to another, enabling visitors to efficiently experience all that is to their liking - every bit of cuisine from all around the country, museums, galleries, bars or gardens.

Tbilisi, with most of the country’s universities located there, lies at the core of academic life in Georgia. Free University of Tbilisi, where the conference will be held, is a perfect place for scientists to get together and provide a higher level of scientific advancement. While lying remotely from the city, escaping all the noise, university is still well connected to it.

Visitors can try a vast variety of traditional Georgian dishes. The food combined with the cultural exchange will make for an unforgettable trip for any foreigner. If there is one thing Georgian people are good at, it is having guests. We have a saying: ”A guest is a gift from God”, which quite perfectly sums up the whole philosophy behind Georgian hospitality. We would like you to be our guests in 2024.


A monument called "Kartlis Deda", which translates into "The Mother of Georgia". It is the most iconic statue in the capital city: a woman with a cup of wine in one hand (intended for friends) and with a sword in another (intended for enemies). She proudly looks over the capital city. 2