The Venue

The Free University of Tbilisi is located at Kakha Bendukidze Campus in a green area and occupies a territory of 60 hectares including approximately 40 000 sq. meters of buildings. The campus is furnished with with modern equipment and all the necessary inventories to support the creation of high quality teaching, studying and research environment.

The campus territory unites fully equipped auditoriums, conference rooms, working spaces and meeting rooms. On the campus territory around 50 scientific and study laboratories in: physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, etc. In parallel on the campus the following departments operate for study and research purposes: Museum of Natural Sciences, Library, Exam Centre, GeneBank, Silkworm Collection, Plant Collection, Mycological Herbarium, Veterinary Clinic, Culinary Academy and Wine Academy.

To promote team working and socializing among the students, the campus offers several recreational zones, dendrological park, indoor and outdoor stadiums, exhibition areas, gym, and cafeteria.

The campus is gradually switching to the renewable energy usage and at this moment owns 456-kilowatt solar power station, which is the largest in Georgia. The territory is equipped with modernized parking areas. The infrastructure is adapted for disabled people.


Solar power station at the Free University. [Photo provided by the staff of Free University. See more here: 1]

The Seating

Every year numerous events are organized on the campus territory as it creates perfect environment to generate new ideas and connect with interesting people. The facility of the campus allows to have proper environment for each event; it offers various indoor spaces and outdoor spaces as well.

The campus owns Auditorium Magnum which is designed for the big events and provides over 600 seats. The space is equipped with modern audio and lightning systems. Two conference rooms are also available for different types of gatherings. One of them holds more than 200 seats arranged in the amphitheatre manner and is ideal for the events such as conferences, hackathons, public lectures etc. The conference room was renewed during the last year and is equipped with the modern facility. The smaller conference room is designed for 50 people and is generally occupied for regular meetings, workshops, students conference, guest meetings etc.

Besides the conference rooms, the campus has 6 amphitheatres having capacity of more than 80 people each and approximately 40 auditoriums having more than 50 seats.

The Campus also has outdoor amphitheatre infrastructure and backyards where diverse festivals and events are held.

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Auditorium Magnum.

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Conference room with the capacity of 200 listeners.

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Outdoor amphitheatre infrastructure of the campus.